100% Cashback Guarantee
100% australian owned


Image Gold guarantees to provide you with a priceless emotionally moving gift !!

Our guarantee includes:-

  1. An exceptional quality product, Australian made from semi precious metal of Sterling Silver, 9ct or 18ct Gold. We will replace any faulty goods at no extra cost.
  2. Amazing photographic engraving. (as per in-store samples and also based on the quality of original photo provided.)
    See selecting photos.
  3. Fantastic sales and technical support from our friendly Image Gold team.
  4. Super fast turnaround times 3-4 days or overnight if requested.
  5. Excellent after sales support for any unexpected issues. (ie dog ate my pendant).
  6. 2yr guarantee on Imaglaze protective coating. (which can be easily reapplied if required)
  7. 2yr warranty on all Image Gold Watches.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Image Gold purchase please contact us within 7 days from receiving your product.

We will then assess your concerns and either refund or replace you product. Please ensure you return your product via secure registered post or platinum express including your contact details.

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