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Selecting the Best Photo

Selecting the image is very important for ensuring your engraved image is exactly how you want it.

What you see on your photo is what will be produced or engraved.

Below are some basic guidelines for selecting an appropriate image for engraving.

  1. Select clear, crisp, well focused images.
  2. Select images with all of the subject clearly visible.
  3. Select large close ups of the subject or persons face.
  4. Don't select images that are out of focus or blurry.
  5. Don't select dark images or that have shadows on and around the face.
  6. Don't select photos that are taken from a distance.
  7. Don't select small images with little detail in the face area.

The quality of the engraved image is only as good as the photo we receive.

If you would like to remove objects covering your selected subjects face, please ask at the time of ordering. It is not included in the artwork price to remove objects out of the selected image area (face) such as food, hands, hats, other people etc. See extra artwork charges

It's also important to note that extra features cannot be added to an image
e.g. turning a frown into a smile.

We understand that sometimes you may only have one precious photo though, and we do our very best to work with that.

If you are unsure of the quality of your photo feel free to run it past us first (email or post) as we are only to happy to assist in this area.

Please select your photo carefully as there will be a re-engraving / reselection charge for changing images after the job is completed.

Photos to Choose !!! 

Choose photos that have clear, crisp, well focused images.

selecting the best photo

Photos to Avoid !!!

Avoid photos that have objects covering the images face. Avoid photos that are low quality, grainy and lacks facial detail . Avoid photos that appear washed out .
Avoid photos that are unfocused and lack facial detail. Avoid photos that half of the image is shadowed or bright light.






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